How does it work?

It’s easier than counting up to 3:

  1. you create the rights declaration for your content
  2. you send it to the ARDI service
  3. we will take care of everything else:
    • we assign a unique persistent identifier to your rights declaration. ARDI is
    • we make your rights declaration web resolvable
    • we create a web page for your rights declaration
    • we keep track of any other rights declaration on your content
    • we send your data to the Copyright Hub, so that web users who find your content immediately get info about its copyright
    • we make you part of the magic

  4. In practice...

    • upload an XML file with your rights declaration here
    • or send us your rights declaration through ARDI API
    • get your ARDI ID
    • start use ARDI to communicate the copyright of your works to the Internet world
ARDI service technical documentation is publicly available here

Are you a creator, an author, a publisher, a content producer?

With the ARDI service, you can file rights declarations and persistently associate them with your content.
You can do it yourself or through one of our partner service providers.

Interested? Please get in touch with us here!

Are you a service provider?

The ARDI service can be easily integrated into other services, such as self-publishing platforms, copyright registration agencies, ISBN agencies, DOI registration agencies, content management platforms.

Interested in enriching the offer to your clients with the ARDI service? Please get in touch with us here!