What is the ARDI service?

The ARDI service provides persistent and web resolvable identification of rights and copyright declarations through the brand new ARDI identifier. With the ARDI service, content producers can file rights declarations, persistently associate them with their content and make them available to content users anywhere in the web where the content is found or referenced, also through the integration with the Copyright Hub.
It’s for individual authors and creators, publishers and content producers, directly or through partner service providers, it’s suitable for all content types and supports any kind of rights model (Creative Commons, Open access, publishers’ license etc.).

Why do I need the ARDI service?

Because it gives you persistent access to the copyright data of your content and allows you to share it with the Internet world in just one click.

What is the ARDI identifier?

ARDI - Access to Rights via Digital Identifier is a new web resolvable identifier driven by DOI technology. Through the ARDI service you can set the rights declarations for your content and assign them an ARDI. The ARDI persistently links to a landing page where the rights declarations are displayed and accessible to any Internet users. See here.

What is the DRS - Digital Rightsholder Statement?

The DRS - Digital Rightsholder Statement is an interoperable standard format to express and communicate rights declarations. In practice, it's a copyright statement for the digital world that allows rightsholders to set the usage conditions for their content, and it's also machine-readable.
In the ARDI service, the copyright statement

  • is described with the DRS
  • is identified by an ARDI
  • can be deposited by the rightsholder or by a third party depositing the DRS on behalf of the rightsholder (e.g. the publisher depositing the DRS on behalf of the author)
The DRS standard format is based on the LCC - Linked Content Coalition framework and is available here.

What is the Copyright Hub?

The Copyright Hub is the international system connecting creative content producers and users. The ARDI service is integrated with the Copyright Hub, which means that every DRS is automatically sent to the Copyright Hub, that allows to access to copyright data everywhere on the Internet.
This happens through the eCopyright symbol , that is assigned to every DRS deposited through the ARDI service. See the eCopyright symbol in action: click on the green cog on top right of the following page https://doi.org/10.978.8885025/875.
For content identified with ISBNs (and soon also for content identified with DOIs), to find out more about the content you can download the Copyright Hub Permissions Finder plug-in for Chrome. With the plug-in you can highlight the ISBNs you find everywhere on the Internet and right click to find out more about the content. Download the plug-in and try with this ISBN: 9788885025875.

How can I use the ARDI service?

You can use the ARDI service as stand-alone application or through one of our partner service providers