ARDI service is an innovative service for persistent and web resolvable identification of rights and rights declarations offered by mEDRA.
ARDI service has been created as the result of the R&D activities carried out in ARDITO, a EU co-funded project under Horizon2020 framework run in 2017-2018. ARDITO has launched services on the market based on identification technologies – text and video watermarking, text and image fingerprinting, cross-sector DOI technology – to create a sustainable eCopyright digital single market for creative content. mEDRA was the coordinator and developed new DOI-based services.

mEDRA is a SME owned by the Italian Publishers Association operating since 2003 as DOI Registration Agency. Since then mEDRA business has increasingly expanded resulting in a variety of services: technology provision for the management of other Registration Agencies for standard identifiers; consultancy agency and R&D centre in the field of identification standards, metadata and e-infrastructures for the publishing industry, provision of IT, consultancy and management services in the framework of European projects focusing on digitisation, copyright and rights management in the digital age.

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